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Delusion of Grandeur: February Phraseology Fix

Let us all pledge to eschew grandiosity gone wrong: manor is manor and manner is manner, and never the twain shall meet.

Labeling Graduates: February Phraseology Fix

I’m always a little bit puzzled when someone refers to me as an alumnus, alumni, or alumnae.

I Just Can’t Relate: February Phraseology Fix

One of the sentences I dread most when reading my students’ papers: “This character is very relatable.” Can anyone tell me what this actually means?

Lead-off February Phraseology Fix: A lesson from Punxsutawney Phil

“The groundhog’s prediction lead to a long winter.”

Can this sentence possibly be grammatically correct?

February Phraseology Fix

Let’s face it: we all can be lazy, at times. We might toss our coat on the back of a chair instead of hanging it in the closet, leave the dishes in the sink overnight, or know it’s time to do laundry only when there are no more clean socks. Regrettably, sometimes even the best of us are lazy with our language. February, between … Read More February Phraseology Fix