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Magnanimous mercy

(National Poetry Month, Day 23) Today is the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and possibly also of his birth (in different years, of course!). Shakespeare’s sonnets are very well known. Large swaths of his plays are written in verse, too, leading to some powerful poetic pyrotechnics embedded in his plays of all types. Today, in honor of Shakespeare day and my sister’s jury duty … Read More Magnanimous mercy

Shakespearean contributions

My students often explain to me that the reason that Shakespeare’s writing is somewhat challenging to understand is that he wrote in “Old English.” They are skeptical, incredulous, nay, even horrified when I tell them that he wrote not in Old English, nor even Middle English, but Modern English! Now, of course, Shakespeare’s Modern English was early Modern English—but it was Modern English, nonetheless. … Read More Shakespearean contributions