Effective communication is an art, involving both technical precision and imaginative expression.

Let me help you achieve your communication goals!

As our world becomes more and more saturated with information, clear, concise, and effective communication is needed now, more than ever. I enjoy helping writers to convey their innovative and profound ideas in the way that will be most conducive to positive reception by the intended audience.

Through teaching, I have learned that the single most important and paradigm-changing element of revision is just that: re-seeing. And unless we, as writers, see our writing from our audience’s perspective, we might as well write in a language that our audience doesn’t know.

Because I have had a great deal of experience critically reading and analyzing writing of all types and have guided hundreds of good writers through the writing process, I have developed skill in helping writers of all levels and with various purposes and audiences to view their work from a different perspective. I work with writers who are in the draft phase of manuscripts or are preparing them for final submission or publication.

I am eager to help you to unlock the potential of your ideas by helping you to see your writing through your audience’s eyes!

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