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Poetic prelude to Laudato Si

Symphonic: this is the best way I can describe Laudato Si, the encyclical released by the Vatican yesterday. The structure and style of prose expression make this one of the most engaging Church texts (from my perspective, at least), promulgated in my lifetime. I don’t make a habit of reading encyclicals on the day of their release, but in this case, I made an … Read More Poetic prelude to Laudato Si

We remember on the 11th of November

Each year, we in the United States of America celebrate Veterans Day on November 11. Yes, this day (and the weekend closest to it) is very important to retailers who want to boost their pre-holiday sales. It is even more significant, though, for another reason: we take this day—or at least a moment of it—to recognize and pay tribute to all of the valorous … Read More We remember on the 11th of November

Kiddie Lit?

When I was in grammar school at St. Cassian’s, we normally had our library class once per week. We’d go to the school library and have the option of checking out a book. Searching for a book to read for a book report, I checked out Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher—because it was short! My sixth-grade mind was a little bit … Read More Kiddie Lit?

Wait a second: Why are we doing this?

(National Poetry Month, Day 26) Today, let’s take a short intermission from reading poetry and instead think about poetry from a slight distance. I think that you’ll enjoy this article from the Huffington Post. In it, Pam Allyn explores why poetry is important.

For its own sake

(National Poetry Month, Day 11)     As we continue to enjoy some poems about language and writing, let’s read a poem about poetry. I guess we could call it a meta-poem.   I admire Archibald MacLeish’s ability to conjure up a series of multi-sensory images, unrelated though they may seem, to convey the message that poetry is primarily meant to be appreciated, not … Read More For its own sake

A St. Patrick’s Day Gift for You!

In my neck of the woods, St. Patrick’s Month is in full swing. Parades have begun, the rush of Irish events is keeping all calendars full, and yes, the Harrington house is decked out for the big day. Since St. Patrick’s Day is only two weeks away, I’d like to share with you an article about the legacy of St. Patrick’s spirituality in 20th … Read More A St. Patrick’s Day Gift for You!