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To the new doctors…

One of my favorite things about my job is celebrating the successes of my clients who become my friends. Congratulations to my newest group of accomplished doctors! With you who now have D.Min., D.Litt., Ed.D., or Ph.D. after your name, I shout a resounding “Hooray!”

Aww, shucks!

I am so happy to be included in The Irish Echo 40 Under 40 for 2019! ☘ Click the link to view profiles of 39 really impressive young professionals in the Irish-American community…and one of me 😉. (I’m on page 36.) Seriously, though, I am very grateful to everyone who has supported me in all of my endeavors through the years, and I am … Read More Aww, shucks!

Our 15 minutes

Wondering what makes me tick? Meet my family! The incomparable (and brave) Gwen Orel of the Montclair Local interviewed us…all at once! (No shortage of bravery on the part of photographer Kate Albright, either!)

News and Seuss (approximate rhyme?)

I realize, dear readers, that a long time has passed since my last blog post. I heartily apologize for neglecting you. The past year has been quite eventful! As you know, making the world’s communication clear and creative is a full-time job, and I have been enjoying working with my clients to do just that. But work is not the only thing that has … Read More News and Seuss (approximate rhyme?)

Unexpectedly Afoot

Once in a while, a TV commercial stays with me. More often than not, I’m sorry to admit, it’s because the commercial gets on my nerves.   When I tell you which commercial is annoying me the most these days, you might be surprised! I am a big fan of poetry, and one of my favorite American poets is Walt Whitman. So, you might … Read More Unexpectedly Afoot



When I returned home from the North Pole this morning, I was very tired from my hard work with the elves! I was happy to find, along with many presents from Santa, a special gift that good friends had brought for our family: this Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus ornament. They know how much I love the letter that Francis Pharcellus Church … Read More Believe!


Assist me in assisting Santa!

As part of my work to optimize communication in order to make Santa’s travels safe this Christmas Eve, I was invited to participate in a very special mission today: a test run of Santa’s route! Did you notice anything unusual earlier this afternoon? It was just the elves and me stopping time for a moment to take a spin around the world on Santa’s … Read More Assist me in assisting Santa!


A sneak peek into Santa’s magical bag

Since I have an important role in helping Santa arrive at his billions of destinations this year, I have top security clearance at the North Pole. This afternoon, I even got to take a glance into Santa’s bag! I noticed a superabundance of books. Upon closer examination, I realized that many of the books have the same title: New Jersey Folk Revival Music: History … Read More A sneak peek into Santa’s magical bag



Snowflake the elf is in charge of monitoring weather conditions worldwide in order to help Santa plan his path of travel. Since this is a monumental job, he has a whole team of elves working with him, each specializing in the weather of a different geographic region. The meteorologist elves get very excited when meteorological terms become widely used in common parlance. A few … Read More Vort—

No need to fear!

This morning, while I was sitting at my gingerbread desk, I looked out the window and saw Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer playing some reindeer games a little bit too close to Santa’s sleigh. A couple of the elves arrived at the gilded vehicle within seconds, and I could see that the elves were excoriating the hooved hooligans. I opened my window to hear what … Read More No need to fear!

Santa’s communications consultant, take 2!

One of my favorite special jobs as the Graceful Grammarian was serving as Santa’s communications consultant in December of 2014. Santa asked me to help English speakers all over the world to communicate their requests to him clearly. Last December, he didn’t call me in for duty because I was very busy and feeling quite queasy.   This December, I’m back on duty! Santa … Read More Santa’s communications consultant, take 2!

Guess who’s back!

Perhaps you’re wondering, dear readers, where I have been for the past year and a half or so. I have been very busy as The Graceful Grammarian, serving as a social media consultant, creating newsletters, and editing up a storm! I’ve been very busy on other fronts, too, and therefore I have neglected my blog. I apologize for my extended absence, and I know … Read More Guess who’s back!