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Santa’s communications consultant, take 2!

One of my favorite special jobs as the Graceful Grammarian was serving as Santa’s communications consultant in December of 2014. Santa asked me to help English speakers all over the world to communicate their requests to him clearly. Last December, he didn’t call me in for duty because I was very busy and feeling quite queasy.   This December, I’m back on duty! Santa … Read More Santa’s communications consultant, take 2!

Santa’s Communications Consultant, Day 4: Honorary Elf at Work

Santa’s Communications Consultant

Even Santa Claus has Christmas wishes. Last year, he noticed quite a few errors in the letters he received from both children and adults. This year, Santa wishes to receive error-free letters. So, he has given the Graceful Grammarian the esteemed title of “Honorary Elf.” My assignment is to help all believers to learn proper usage of English in order to avoid some common … Read More Santa’s Communications Consultant