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Healthified Workspace

Are you doing all you can to promote your health while working at your desk? Click here for some excellent advice from the experts at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Excavating by pen

(National Poetry Month, Day 10) Writing can be hard work, but its rewards are great—this can be said of many other types of work, too. “Digging” is one of my favorite Seamus Heaney poems. It covers gardening, potatoes, turf-cutting, family traditions, and time travel; what’s not to love? The best thing about this poem, in my opinion, is that we can actually hear the … Read More Excavating by pen

A Granola Thought

Having just baked these scrumptious-looking granola muffins, a quote by Maya Angelou comes to mind: “Writing and cookery are just two different means of communication.” I’ll chew on it while I sample the muffins!