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Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her sundae

On Friday evening, my father and I went to a favorite local ice cream place, one that is generally acknowledged as one of the best in New Jersey. After waiting on the very long line, we finally arrived at the counter and presented this coupon.

2015-07-08 Applegate Farms coupon

We then ordered our soft serve sundaes: chocolate with hot fudge, and chocolate with Heath bar. Much to our surprise, the young man behind the counter informed us that a soft serve sundae includes NO toppings.

How could this be?

My father immediately pulled out his phone and began reading to the young man the definition of sundae. However, this was of no avail. The (apparently new) policy of this ice cream establishment is that a soft serve sundae includes no toppings.

After waiting on line for 20 minutes, we were not going to leave empty-handed. So, we paid our $6.31 and walked away with two medium cups of soft serve chocolate ice cream.

When I first saw the coupon, I was so dazzled by the prospect of a half-price sundae that I didn’t read the print carefully. Now that I have read the coupon more carefully, I suppose that the establishment didn’t owe us anything: the coupon is for a “Mdium Soft Serve Sundae.” All things considered, I guess it’s a good thing we got any discount at all. Hmpf!


Unwelcome no longer!

Each time I visited Ploch’s Farm last year, I encountered this sign.

No docs allowed

Needless to say, I was disappointed and felt singled out. I continued to visit Ploch’s, but I was a little bit self-conscious each time I’d stop in for produce or ice cream.

This year, I have been greeted by this sign.

No Dogs Allowed

What a huge relief! The Ploch family has reconsidered its ban against docs.
I can select my produce and enjoy my maple walnut ice cream in peace!