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(Dove) Promises Fulfilled

How, pray tell, did Dove know that a communications entrepreneur would open these sea salt caramel dark chocolate promises?

Does one word make a difference?

A few days ago, when Justin Zaremba of NJ Advance Media / NJ.com contacted me for an interview, I was reminded that I’m not the only person in NJ who thinks that words and expression are very important. Read this article (featuring an interview with yours truly, the Graceful Grammarian), and weigh in: does “If” really matter, in this case?

Thank you!

Thank you for making my first year as the Graceful Grammarian memorable, fun, and successful! I hope that the Great Turkey brings each of you a cornucopia full of happiness. In the meantime, here’s a cornucopia full of Graceful Grammarian goodies! Will you see professional or amateur writers, graduate students writing theses or dissertations, journalists, PR types, or publishers around your Thanksgiving table? If … Read More Thank you!

Cards are in!

Cards are in! Share this photo to let your friends know about the editing and writing services of The Graceful Grammarian. If you’d like some cards to distribute to friends, family, and colleagues, inbox me! These cards also make beautiful autumn table decor, as you can see.

How to embarrass yourself in print without even trying

This is the stuff of which nightmares are made. THIS is why it pays to have someone review your work before you submit it for publication. Someone who has published many articles of her own. Someone who has reviewed hundreds (if not thousands) of manuscripts: books, essays, dissertations, journal articles, press releases, short stories, and more. Someone who goes by the name of The … Read More How to embarrass yourself in print without even trying

My song

I’m a little bit late to Weird Al’s grammar party because I’ve been working on a computer without sound all week! If “Blurred Lines” was the Summer Song of 2013, I think that we now have our Summer Song of 2014. I might tone down some of Weird Al’s insults, but I can certainly understand his passion about clear and eloquent expression of ideas. … Read More My song

Meanwhile, somewhere in Connecticut…

A fast bump would be more exciting. WHERE’S THE PUNCTUATION?

Hair for a good cause

Receiving this letter today put a smile on my face. (Also, I hereby officially volunteer to edit the acknowledgement letters to Pantene Beautiful Lengths ponytail donors.)

GG in the News

The Graceful Grammarian’s alter ego, Gaelic Girl, has been getting some press lately! Here she is again, this time on Baristanet.