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A Bloomsday-ish blog post

Happy Bloomsday! While I haven’t published an article about Joyce’s Ulysses (yet), here is an article that I published in Hypermedia Joyce Studies. This article explores some of Stephen Dedalus’ motivations in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, pre-Ulysses. Can I get a “yes I said yes”?

‘Twas down the glen one Easter morn to a city fair rode I

(National Poetry Month, Day 24) In observance of today’s 98th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland, I present “Easter, 1916” by W.B. Yeats. I’ll let the poem speak for itself in this blog post, but I welcome discussion in the comments! Easter, 1916 by W.B. Yeats I have met them at close of day Coming with vivid faces From counter or desk among … Read More ‘Twas down the glen one Easter morn to a city fair rode I

A Passion poem

(National Poetry Month, Day 17) During Holy Week each year, I like to read “I See His Blood Upon the Rose,” a poem by Irish nationalist poet Joseph Mary Plunkett. Plunkett was an eccentric character: a sickly young man who traveled around Dublin in medieval-esque costume. A leader of the Easter Rising in 1916, he was arrested by British troops and married his fiancée … Read More A Passion poem

One of the best poems you’ve never read

(National Poetry Month, Day 16) Patrick Kavanagh, a farmer-turned-poet of mid-20th century Ireland, created some really remarkable verse. His poetry has a refreshing quality. It’s unpretentious, exuberant, and earthy; it shows keen awareness of the physical experience of life on earth and of the Divine light that shines through even the most opaque substances. The bifocal view of the earthly and the divine, which … Read More One of the best poems you’ve never read

A St. Patrick’s Day Gift for You!

In my neck of the woods, St. Patrick’s Month is in full swing. Parades have begun, the rush of Irish events is keeping all calendars full, and yes, the Harrington house is decked out for the big day. Since St. Patrick’s Day is only two weeks away, I’d like to share with you an article about the legacy of St. Patrick’s spirituality in 20th … Read More A St. Patrick’s Day Gift for You!