Tag: The Irish-American Experience in New Jersey and New York: Cultural Identity

GG in Gannett!

Happy St. Patrick’s Eve! About a week ago, Marta Deyrup and I learned that the book that we co-edited would be featured in all of the Gannett newspapers in New Jersey! And this morning, the article appeared online. (Since I don’t live in Gannett territory, I’m not sure on which day the article was/will be printed.) Here’s the article (via the Gannett Courier-Post). What … Read More GG in Gannett!

Two Gifts from the Graceful, Galloping Gaelic Girl

I (Maura Grace Harrington) am not only the Graceful Grammarian—oh, no, my identity has more facets than two! I am also the Graceful Gael…or maybe the Galloping Gael…or maybe Gaelic Girl. Anyway, what this boils down to is: I’m a proud Hibernophile. Most of my graduate work focused on Irish literature, and I enjoy being involved in Irish events and organizations. As you can … Read More Two Gifts from the Graceful, Galloping Gaelic Girl