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Summer dissertation deadline?

Summer dissertation deadline? Need conceptual editing, copyediting, or formatting for your manuscript? The Graceful Grammarian can help! I’ve been through the process with my own dissertation, and since then, I’ve worked with dozens of degree candidates as they’ve prepared their manuscripts. Send an inquiry to thegracefulgrammarian@gmail.com or call 201.463.5967.

You call THIS a return policy?

Do you mean to tell me that no one questioned the return policy before today?

How to embarrass yourself in print without even trying

This is the stuff of which nightmares are made. THIS is why it pays to have someone review your work before you submit it for publication. Someone who has published many articles of her own. Someone who has reviewed hundreds (if not thousands) of manuscripts: books, essays, dissertations, journal articles, press releases, short stories, and more. Someone who goes by the name of The … Read More How to embarrass yourself in print without even trying

Spot check

Hair for a good cause

Receiving this letter today put a smile on my face. (Also, I hereby officially volunteer to edit the acknowledgement letters to Pantene Beautiful Lengths ponytail donors.)

So, in other words, the toilet is not working?

You can be assured that I did not encounter this sign in hard copy. Had I done so, I would have whipped out my Sharpie and inserted the essential punctuation!

Here’s my card.

Here’s my card.