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Is the semicolon becoming obsolete?

An interesting chart! Are semicolons becoming obsolete? (And, I’m almost afraid to ask: If they are becoming obsolete, what does this say about us?) Tell us what you think! I’ll get the conversation started–I’m afraid that if we’re using fewer semicolons, it’s because we’re expressing–and having–less complex ideas. Specifically, I’m afraid that we’re thinking in sound bites, rather than in logical, sequential patterns.

Semicolon Joy

I will never forget the day Professor Drabik, my Literary Types and Themes instructor at Caldwell College, announced to our class: “The mark of a truly good writer is that he or she can use the semicolon WELL.” I’m not quite sure why this particular sentence is so memorable, but it has stuck with me through 16 years! And I do my utmost to … Read More Semicolon Joy