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For shame!

The NPR Grammar Hall of Shame. What error would you like to nominate?


My song

I’m a little bit late to Weird Al’s grammar party because I’ve been working on a computer without sound all week! If “Blurred Lines” was the Summer Song of 2013, I think that we now have our Summer Song of 2014. I might tone down some of Weird Al’s insults, but I can certainly understand his passion about clear and eloquent expression of ideas.

Also, note that Weird Al recommends that those who are grammatically challenged hire an editor. This is a capital idea!

Now, without further ado, I present to the Graceful Grammarian’s new theme song: “Word Crimes.”

Travel precaution for MDW

As you prepare for your Memorial Day weekend travels, here’s an important caveat: grammatically incorrect t-shirts abound at NJ rest stops. I found this one at the Grover Cleveland rest area on the Turnpike three years ago.

terrific kid new jersey

Can anyone explain to me what the text on this shirt actually means?

I didn’t think so.