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What do lilacs, Lincoln, and lightning have in common?

(National Poetry Month, Day 15)     Today is the 149th anniversary of the death of President Abraham Lincoln, an event noteworthy in itself, and made more significant in American history because of Lincoln’s able and brave management of the tumultuous events of his day.   Lincoln’s very unexpected demise inspired a battery of beautiful poems, some of the most renowned by Walt Whitman. … Read More What do lilacs, Lincoln, and lightning have in common?

Here’s to history teachers!

(National Poetry Month, Day 3) It’s the height of dissertation season. This week, I’m having the enlightening experience of editing dissertations by two history teachers. Reviewing their dissertations is reminding me of the importance of teaching; it’s really an honor and a sacred responsibility to guide students to greater knowledge and understanding. When I was younger (and even more foolish than I am now), … Read More Here’s to history teachers!

Semicolon Joy

I will never forget the day Professor Drabik, my Literary Types and Themes instructor at Caldwell College, announced to our class: “The mark of a truly good writer is that he or she can use the semicolon WELL.” I’m not quite sure why this particular sentence is so memorable, but it has stuck with me through 16 years! And I do my utmost to … Read More Semicolon Joy