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Create-a-Word Day

Over the past few days, we’ve thought a lot about new words that have been added to English through the years. So that we can make our own contributions (albeit unofficial contributions) to English vocabulary, I hereby decree that today is Create-a-Word Day!

I challenge you to caption this photo, including in your caption at least one word that you create. It can be an amalgamation of existing words (in English or other languages) or any type of word creation that strikes your fancy!

I’m sure that for those who live in the Northeast, this photo will get the creative juices flowing as it inspires you to think about our upcoming spring snow event.

snow flowers



Playing with words

alphabet soup

If William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, and the general public can invent words, why can’t you?

You CAN!

I most often notice the need for new words when I’m playing Words With Friends. Of course, my words might never officially be welcomed into the English language or into the pantheon of words accepted in Words With Friends or Scrabble; still, I don’t let that stop me from creating words!

Here’s a fun, step-by-step guide to creating your own words.

Grab your Scrabble tiles or alphabet soup, and start creating!

*CAVEAT: It is appropriate to use newly-created, “unofficial” words only in certain contexts. You might be able to safely experiment with new words in creative writing, casual conversations, text messages, informal emails, and personal social media posts. Academic writing and business communications are probably not the best venues in which to test-run a new word.