I edit manuscripts for
• Scholars: journal articles, book chapters, monograph manuscripts, dissertations, theses, conference papers
• Professional Writers: novels, magazine articles, short stories, creative nonfiction, scripts, children’s books
• Publishers: print and digital publications

I also format masters’ theses and doctoral dissertations according to APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian guidelines.

If you would like to consider my editing services for a particular project, I invite you to submit an inquiry here.

Policies and procedures:

Once you and I have initially been in contact, I will ask you to send me the manuscript, via email, as a Word document. I will also ask you for some information:
1. The purpose of your document.
2. The intended audience of your document.
3. What type of changes you are interested in making to the document—whether you are interested in proofreading, content editing, suggestions for further development, or something else.

Once I have the document and this information, I will email to you a contract that includes an estimate of the total cost of the project and the time it will take me to complete the project.

After you have received the estimate, I will ask you, if you are interested in proceeding, to sign and return the contract and to submit a retainer for my services. Once I have received these, I will begin work on your project.

In the editing process, I will use the Track Changes function in Word to edit mistakes, and I will use the Comment function in Word to ask questions or point out ambiguities.

Once the project is complete, I will email your manuscript with my edits, along with an invoice for the project. Payment of the balance is due within 15 days of completion of the project.

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