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Snowflake the elf is in charge of monitoring weather conditions worldwide in order to help Santa plan his path of travel. Since this is a monumental job, he has a whole team of elves working with him, each specializing in the weather of a different geographic region. The meteorologist elves get very excited when meteorological terms become widely used in common parlance. A few … Read More Vort—

Pluralization Primer: The Christmas Card Edition

It’s Black Friday: You might waiting on a horribly long line. Alternatively, you might be taking a break from writing out your Christmas cards. If the latter, please do yourself and all of your card recipients a favor and read this witty and insightful post by Kate Brannen about pluralizing last names. Don’t let your enthusiasm for spreading holiday cheer get in the way … Read More Pluralization Primer: The Christmas Card Edition

What’s the name of tomorrow’s holiday?

Presidents Day, President’s Day, Presidents’ Day—what difference does it make, as long as we get the day off, or at least get some good bargains at P-Day sales? The difference is that these three seemingly slight variations would mean very different things! “Presidents Day,” well, just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Since “Presidents” is a plain old plural noun, combining it with “Day” … Read More What’s the name of tomorrow’s holiday?