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A sneak peek into Santa’s magical bag

Since I have an important role in helping Santa arrive at his billions of destinations this year, I have top security clearance at the North Pole. This afternoon, I even got to take a glance into Santa’s bag! I noticed a superabundance of books. Upon closer examination, I realized that many of the books have the same title: New Jersey Folk Revival Music: History … Read More A sneak peek into Santa’s magical bag

Overlooking Principle in the Interest of Justice

Guess who recently received a jury duty summons—that’s right, the Graceful Grammarian did. As I was preparing to return my questionnaire and some supporting documents to Jury Management in Essex County, New Jersey, something on the pre-printed return address on the questionnaire caught my eye: the spelling of the name of our county courthouse. In Essex County, the courthouse is named “Veterans Courthouse.” This … Read More Overlooking Principle in the Interest of Justice

A New Jersey poet

(National Poetry Month, Day 25) I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that when I hear “Joyce Kilmer,” the first thing that comes to mind is the Joyce Kilmer Service Area on the NJ Turnpike—because at this stop is the closest Roy Rogers to my home! However, Joyce Kilmer was famous in the first place for other reasons—perhaps most notably for his poem “Trees.” It’s short … Read More A New Jersey poet


Last year, in my travels around New Jersey, I encountered this monument to confectionary delight: a 7-foot-tall sprinkle machine! Imagine my glee! It’s YOUR turn now! Give us a word or phrase to describe this contraption!