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Befitting Attire

Time to break out the spring wardrobe. This is my favorite t-shirt:

Lead-off February Phraseology Fix: A lesson from Punxsutawney Phil

“The groundhog’s prediction lead to a long winter.”

Can this sentence possibly be grammatically correct?

February Phraseology Fix

Let’s face it: we all can be lazy, at times. We might toss our coat on the back of a chair instead of hanging it in the closet, leave the dishes in the sink overnight, or know it’s time to do laundry only when there are no more clean socks. Regrettably, sometimes even the best of us are lazy with our language. February, between … Read More February Phraseology Fix

Snow day fun

Spending this cold, snowy day working on one of my favorite projects: editing the newsletter of and coordinating social media for the New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission!

Santa’s Communications Consultant—Mission Accomplished! Merry Christmas!

Santa’s Communications Consultant, Day 7: An early Christmas gift for the Graceful Grammarian!

Santa is so happy with the work I’m doing as his communications consultant that he has delivered one of my gifts early: the Graceful Grammarian now officially an LLC!

Get your head in the game!

I’m so honored that The Graceful Grammarian’s blog was mentioned in Coach Mike Tully’s blog, Total Game Plan, today! Total Game Plan is geared toward athletes and toward all running the race of life. Much of his advice and inspiration is related to self-efficacy, and we all can certainly use the type of positivity he shares! Check it out—I think you’ll like it!

“A word that shall echo forevermore”

(National Poetry Month, Day 18) Every year, I feel as though April 18 is something…but I just can’t remember what. This year, I remembered: the midnight ride of Paul Revere! The American Revolution seems so distant to me, in both time and space—but it really HAPPENED…and not too far away from where the Graceful Grammarian and many of her friends live. To bring Paul … Read More “A word that shall echo forevermore”

Here’s my card: Take 2

To reflect changing realities (including a new website), the Graceful Grammarian has gotten some new business cards. This time, they’re double sided! If you’d like a few to distribute to friends and associates, give a holler!

Middle Name Pride Day

Happy Middle Name Pride Day! Yes, it’s a real holiday! OK, so it’s not officially recognized by the US government, but it is mentioned a few times on the internet. Whether it’s a real holiday or not, let’s celebrate it! Poor middle names! They so often are relegated to the realm of initial-dom. My thought is this: my parents went to the trouble of … Read More Middle Name Pride Day

Two Gifts from the Graceful, Galloping Gaelic Girl

I (Maura Grace Harrington) am not only the Graceful Grammarian—oh, no, my identity has more facets than two! I am also the Graceful Gael…or maybe the Galloping Gael…or maybe Gaelic Girl. Anyway, what this boils down to is: I’m a proud Hibernophile. Most of my graduate work focused on Irish literature, and I enjoy being involved in Irish events and organizations. As you can … Read More Two Gifts from the Graceful, Galloping Gaelic Girl

Yes, I actually own this t-shirt.

It was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. (Special thanks to my sister, Eilish!) Prophetic? Perhaps. Accurate? Definitely. Be warned.