Today, let’s think about the verb “lead.”

Consider the following sentence:

“The groundhog’s prediction lead to a long winter.”

Can this sentence possibly be grammatically correct?

If it’s in the present tense: no. The verb needs to be conjugated, and since “prediction” is the subject, the verb needs to be conjugated in the third-person singular form: “leads.” “The groundhog’s prediction leads to a long winter.”

If it’s in the past tense: no. That’s right—NO. Let us remember that the past tense of the verb “lead” is “led.” As a result, if you want to express the idea that in the past, the groundhog’s prediction precipitated an extended cold season, it’s essential that you conjugate the verb and place it in the past tense “led.”

Plain and simple. Easy to remember!

The past tense of “lead” is “led.”

Phil thanks you for your precision in conjugation. And now, he’s going back to sleep.
Punxsutawney Phil

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