As part of my work to optimize communication in order to make Santa’s travels safe this Christmas Eve, I was invited to participate in a very special mission today: a test run of Santa’s route! Did you notice anything unusual earlier this afternoon? It was just the elves and me stopping time for a moment to take a spin around the world on Santa’s sleigh.

While most of my work as Santa’s communications consultant has focused on helping the elves communicate effectively, today I focused on signs that Santa will need to read in order to stay on course.

We began our rounds in the United States. Working our way from west to east, we wrapped up our trip to the United States in Virginia. As we passed over the Yankee Candle Village in Williamsburg, I told the elves about the wonders inside. Of course, they wanted to run in to see for themselves. They took so many selfies, as well as this picture of me.



Pardon the blurriness–the elves were a little bit excited.

Immediately after our Yankee Candle stop, we made our way to the Williamsburg Pottery. This is a wonderful market that offers a tremendous variety of goods made in Williamsburg and around the world. Each year, Santa likes to stop there to purchase a gift for Mrs. Claus. During our quick trip through the parking lot, we noticed this sign. I asked the reindeer to halt for a moment so that I could snap a picture.


What’s wrong with this picture?

Would you like a chance to win a Colonial Williamsburg cookbook and bar of Colonial Williamsburg Festive Pineapple soap? Then visit my Facebook page and comment on the post featuring the sign to let me know what’s wrong with the sign and how it can be fixed.

When I heard “the prancing and pawing of each little hoof,” I knew that the reindeer were itching to fly across the Atlantic. The elves and I gave the signal, and we continued our trip around the world. We checked all 7 continents for clear signage for Santa. It was an exciting but exhausting day. I think it’s time for me to go to bed!


Settling my brain for a long winter’s nap

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