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Tips for wrapping up your Christmas shopping

Have you been agonizing over finding a perfect gift for a special person in your life who has specific interests and tastes? If your giftee is interested in history, research, the Catholic faith, Irish-American culture, or ethnic studies, read on! My work allows me to work with books in various phases of their production and their journey to their audience. Here are my top … Read More Tips for wrapping up your Christmas shopping

Punctuation Day!

For you on Punctuation Day: the most important punctuation marks you’ve probably never used.


My amazing Technicolor dream soup

My amazing Technicolor dream soup, a.k.a. homemade watermelon gazpacho, is both pretty and hydra-licious!

Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her sundae

On Friday evening, my father and I went to a favorite local ice cream place, one that is generally acknowledged as one of the best in New Jersey. After waiting on the very long line, we finally arrived at the counter and presented this coupon. We then ordered our soft serve sundaes: chocolate with hot fudge, and chocolate with Heath bar. Much to our … Read More Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her sundae


Poetic prelude to Laudato Si

Symphonic: this is the best way I can describe Laudato Si, the encyclical released by the Vatican yesterday. The structure and style of prose expression make this one of the most engaging Church texts (from my perspective, at least), promulgated in my lifetime. I don’t make a habit of reading encyclicals on the day of their release, but in this case, I made an … Read More Poetic prelude to Laudato Si


Summer dissertation deadline?

Summer dissertation deadline? Need conceptual editing, copyediting, or formatting for your manuscript? The Graceful Grammarian can help! I’ve been through the process with my own dissertation, and since then, I’ve worked with dozens of degree candidates as they’ve prepared their manuscripts. Send an inquiry to or call 201.463.5967.

(Dove) Promises Fulfilled

How, pray tell, did Dove know that a communications entrepreneur would open these sea salt caramel dark chocolate promises?


Are you spelling bee material?

Feeling brave? Try this quiz, inspired by the Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee.

Does one word make a difference?

A few days ago, when Justin Zaremba of NJ Advance Media / contacted me for an interview, I was reminded that I’m not the only person in NJ who thinks that words and expression are very important. Read this article (featuring an interview with yours truly, the Graceful Grammarian), and weigh in: does “If” really matter, in this case?

Academics: want to be productive this summer? Let me help!

Summer! To academics, this means just 1 thing: trading a teaching frenzy for a researching and writing frenzy. Need conceptual editing, copy editing, or formatting for your book or article manuscript? The Graceful Grammarian can help! I’ve been through the process many times–as an author and as an editor and formatter. Send your inquiry to or call 201.463.5967.

Overlooking Principle in the Interest of Justice

Guess who recently received a jury duty summons—that’s right, the Graceful Grammarian did. As I was preparing to return my questionnaire and some supporting documents to Jury Management in Essex County, New Jersey, something on the pre-printed return address on the questionnaire caught my eye: the spelling of the name of our county courthouse. In Essex County, the courthouse is named “Veterans Courthouse.” This … Read More Overlooking Principle in the Interest of Justice

Tribute to Gilbert

A couple of years ago, I suddenly realized that I have grown up to become Anne of Green Gables (or maybe Anne of Avonlea, or Anne of the Island): an idealistic, stubborn, red-haired teacher and writer whose imagination gets her into and out of all kinds of weird predicaments. And I’m OK with that: just call me Maura of Montclair. So, you can imagine … Read More Tribute to Gilbert