On these very hot and humid days, I am so glad that I can work indoors and reap the benefits of air conditioning! Even those of us who spend the day in cool places must remember to keep cool and to hydrate. One of my favorite ways to do this during the summer is by enjoying a nice bowl of my amazing Technicolor dream soup, a.k.a. homemade watermelon gazpacho. It’s both pretty and hydra-licious!


I don’t have a specific recipe for it, but I use these ingredients, in all different amounts (depending on my mood and on what’s available). Also, I recommend refrigerating this gazpacho before serving it.

Watermelon (diced) – and include any juice that results from the dicing process

Yellow or orange bell pepper (diced)

Fresh tomatoes, any type (diced) – and include any juice that results from the dicing process

English cucumber (diced)

Red onion (minced)

Garlic (minced)

Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Dill (freeze-dried works just as well as fresh)

Water (just a little bit, if desired)

That’s it! No fancy appliances, no cooking, no fuss. Just real fruit, vegetables, and herbs. A perfect lunch for a sweltering day!

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