engagement ring from my fiancé

engagement ring from my fiancé

On this Valentine’s Day, I’m grateful that I have so many people to love. I’m even more grateful that so many people love me! But sometimes I’m not sure why my family and friends put up with me at all: I am such a language snob.

Just minutes after Pete proposed to me a few weeks ago, I subjected him to a test. Well, it was an informal test: but it was a test, nonetheless. I explained to him that I’m a little bit crazy (he has already known for quite some time), and I asked him, for the sake of my peace of mind, to explain to me the difference between the words “fiancé” and “fiancée.”

Of course, I wouldn’t necessarily have rescinded my affirmative response to his question of a few moments before if he had mixed up the two words; I just wanted to, well, be sure.

Of course, I breathed a sigh of relief when my new fiancé explained that a fiancé is a man, and a fiancée is a woman. That he is my fiancé, and I am his fiancée.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to all of your Valentines!

47 erh phone

fiancée (left) and fiancé (right)

fiancée (left) and fiancé (right)

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