Here in my little corner of northeastern New Jersey (the most densely populated area of the nation’s most densely populated state), I guess I live a sheltered life. This is the only explanation I can conjure for having never heard of the newly-proclaimed Oxford 2014 Word of the Year: “vape.” To add to my embarrassment, I have only ever heard of one of the finalists for this prestigious title.

Is “vape” a good choice for 2014? Would you have chosen something different? My vote is for “fractals” (of Frozen fame).

frozen fractals

2 Comments on “And the winner is…

  1. I’d heard of a few of the finalists, but still don’t feel ‘vape’ is really that interesting. Fractals is a nice word, but I think it’s been part of the language for a long enough time that it’s accepted as a traditional word. ‘Cloud’, as in ‘all of my data is on the cloud’ might have been my choice, at least for a finalist. 🙂

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