Every once in a while, I stumble across a piece of writing that hits many of my interests at once. I saw a link to this blog post, clicked it, read it, and only later realized that it is written by my good friend Eric Fitzsimmons!

If you’re interested in the concept of book-as-artifact and in the life that literature (or any writing) takes on when we read it in hard copy—especially a hard copy that has close ties to the author—take a few minutes to read Eric’s post titled “The Rosenbach Museum and Library.” And, while you’re at it, why not read some of his other posts on his blog Words, Words, Words?

I know that I’ll be revisiting Eric’s blog often. Now that he’s living and working in the far-off land of Philadelphia, I don’t get to see him and hear his fascinating ideas as often as I used to—but through the magic of the internet, I can read his musings on his blog any time!

Photo courtesy of Eric Fitzsimmons

Photo courtesy of Eric Fitzsimmons

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