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Here’s to history teachers!

(National Poetry Month, Day 3) It’s the height of dissertation season. This week, I’m having the enlightening experience of editing dissertations by two history teachers. Reviewing their dissertations is reminding me of the importance of teaching; it’s really an honor and a sacred responsibility to guide students to greater knowledge and understanding. When I was younger (and even more foolish than I am now), … Read More Here’s to history teachers!

In Honor of Pat

(National Poetry Month, Day 2) On this second day of National Poetry Month, I’d like to pay tribute to the worthy predecessor of Gilligan: my late, great spaniel-lab-mutt, Pat (Padraig Harrington—really!). Here’s Robert Frost’s “Span of Life,” in honor of Paddy: Span of Life The old dog barks backward without getting up. I can remember when he was a pup.

Kicking off NPM

(National Poetry Month, Day 1) Today is the first day of National Poetry Month! Throughout April, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite poems with you. Since today is such a beautiful day in my corner of New Jersey, here’s an exuberant, springy poem for you: “i thank You God for most this amazing” by e.e. cummings. i thank You God for most this … Read More Kicking off NPM